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About Eye Handbook

  • Eye Handbook is the best and must have Ophthalmology and optometry reference mobile app for eye care professionals.

    Eye Handbook, the first mobile app for eye health care, is still the most downloaded:

    Eye hanbook mobile application is widely used by ophthalmologist, optometrists and other eye care professionals for their daily use. It is one of the best eye care applications used by eye care providers worldwide.

    EHB is both a diagnostic and treatment reference App. EHB serves as a one-stop-shop for multiple needs of ophthalmic practice. It offers a dozen features to both ophthalmologists and eye care workers such as educational videos (for both patients and professionals), eye calculators, eye testing tools, practice efficiency tools, coding tools, journal portals, treatment reference manuals, discussion boards, etc. The EHB is one of the most popular Apps amidst ECPs with over half a million downloads and 25 thousand active users. Several studies have mentioned and endorsed the use of EHB.

    The Eye Handbook is a smartphone diagnostic and treatment reference app for Ophthalmologists and Optometrists. Below is a list of some of the common features.

    Eye Calculators, Transposition Calculator, Visual Acuity Calculator, Age to bifocal, Diabetic Retinopathy Severity Calculator, Dry Eye Disease Calculator, Glaucoma Risk Calculator, Thyroid Eye Disease Calculator, Retinoblastoma Calculator, EHB Indirect Camera, Ocular Trauma Score, Plaquenil Dosing, IOP-CCT, Pupillary Distance, DDX, Testing, ICD9 coding, ICD9 to ICD10 converter, ICD10 coding, Audio, Video downloads, Directory, Eye Atlas, Eye Wiki, Peer-to-peer Forums, Connecting with patients, Ophthalmology and Optometry Journals, Medication and Pharmacopeia, Journals, Eye Diagrams, Patient Education tools, RSS Feeds, Acronym List, Dictionary, Eponyms, Genetics, Mnemonics, Workups, Treatment Reference, Vision Symptoms Cards.

    Eye Handbook Facts



Testing section loaded with a variety of eye testing tools.


The calculators you need right in the palm of your hand!


ICD-10 codes and other codes for ophthalmology – in your pocket.

Eye Handbook Mobile app


Stay up-to-date with vetted videos, slides, audio and flash cards.


Discuss your cases with eye care professionals around the world.

EHB Manual

Find the content you need on a wide variety of eye care topics.

Other Essential Features:

  • Treatment Reference

  • Vision Symptoms

  • Eye Atlas

  • Medication

  • Workups

  • Calculators

  • User Directory

  • Journals

  • Eye Diagrams

  • Acronym List

  • DDX

  • Dictionary

  • Eponyms

  • Genetics

  • Mnemonics

  • RSS Feeds


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