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About Eye Handbook

  • Eye Handbook, the first mobile app for eye health care, is still the most downloaded:

  • EHB Creators

    • Ken Lord, MD, EHB Chief Editor, is a vitreoretinal specialist in St. George, UT.

    • Rohit Krishna, MD, a glaucoma subspecialist and Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) School of Medicine.

    • Vinay Shah, MD, a vitreoretinal specialist and Clinical Associate Professor at Dean McGee Eye Institute at the University of Oklahoma.



Testing section loaded with a variety of testing tools.


The calculators you need right in the palm of your hand!


ICD-10 codes and other codes for ophthalmology – in your pocket.


Stay up-to-date with vetted videos, slides, audio and flash cards.


Discuss your cases with eye care professionals around the world.

EHB Manual

Find the content you need on a wide variety of eye care topics.

Other Essential Features:

  • Treatment Reference

  • Vision Symptoms

  • Eye Atlas

  • Medication

  • Workups

  • User Directory

  • Journals

  • Eye Diagrams

  • Acronym List

  • DDX

  • Dictionary

  • Eponyms

  • Genetics

  • Mnemonics

  • RSS Feeds

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What do you think ? Management?

Female 35 years old. Mild proptosis 1 month of evolution VA: 20/30 and 20/35 ON and fundus normaly Ishihara normal No diplopia and ocular motility normal No valsalva.

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What's your opinion?

17 yo male, with history of frequent headaches and father treated for POAG. Visual acuity is 20/20 both eyes, ocular examination seems normal including optic disc except...

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